AC Ducting Installation in Rohnert Park

Today’s air conditioning units are quieter than ever. High-efficiency units use sound-dampening technology and two-stage compressors to keep sound levels below 55 decibels. So, if you have a new AC and it’s making strange, loud noises, there is a strong possibility something is wrong. Get in touch with local AC installation experts in Rohnert Park to make sure that your issue doesn’t persist.

Here are some common AC noises and what they usually mean.

Banging Or Rattling

If you hear banging or rattling noises coming from your unit, a compressor part, piston pin, crankshaft, or connecting rod may have become loose or damaged. Sometimes, an unbalanced indoor blower can also cause a banging or rattling noise.

Check your compressor while being sure to remove any debris stuck in it. Tighten loose screws as sometimes the issue can be as simple as a loose screw. If your compressor fan motor or compressor is damaged beyond repair, get in touch with an AC professional to help you replace it.


A buzzing noise from your outside unit can mean one or more of these things:

  • Some parts have become loose
  • The air filters have become clogged and need to be replaced
  • The blower is unbalanced or is about to fail
  • The condenser coil is dirty or blocked and needs to be cleaned
  • The copper lines connecting the outside unit to the inside unit are rubbing against something

Screeching and Squealing

If you hear a high-pitched screeching or squealing noise coming from your AC, your belt may have worn out or the pressure in the compressor unit is unusually high. Sometimes, faulty fan motor bearings can cause a screeching or squealing noise. Do not ignore the problem or you may end up with a costly repair.


A hissing noise coming from your AC could indicate refrigerant, compressor valve, or duct leaks. Sometimes, high compressor pressure can cause a hissing noise. These are serious problems and need to be investigated right away. If the issue is due to your AC ducting, you’ll need a professional inspection from a Rohnert Park professional.


The electrical components of an AC make clicking noises during start-up and shutdown and this is a normal part of AC operation. If you hear these noises while your AC starts or turns off, you have nothing to worry about. However, constant or ongoing clicking is not normal and could mean a failing thermostat or a defective control.

An obstruction in your outdoor unit’s fans, faulty electrical signals, or loose fans can also cause a clicking noise. This ongoing clicking can not only prove annoying but potentially expensive down the line, so seek out an AC expert immediately.

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