Your HVAC and plumbing systems play an important role in making your home more livable. Your HVAC helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment, whereas your plumbing removes wastewater from your property and brings freshwater into it.

A malfunctioning HVAC or a failing plumbing system can bring life to a standstill. Whether you are struggling with a minor or major issue with your plumbing or HVAC systems, no matter how complex, Just-In Time Plumbing & Heating can help.

We are one of the most dependable HVAC companies near you serving Petaluma. Our technicians get to the root cause of plumbing and HVAC issues and address them, rather than treating just their symptoms. We have been trusted by homeowners in Petaluma to make sure they have the necessary living conditions to live comfortably.


Every plumber on our team brings years of experience and specialized skills to the table. Their know-how enables them to avoid plumbing mistakes and make sure that you receive great, expert service with a smile!

We use advanced plumbing technologies. Before starting a project, we study the factors pertaining to your unique plumbing problem and come up with an effective plan to manage them. We make sure to address the root cause of your plumbing problems, rather than just focusing on the symptoms because a long-term fix is better for you than a short-term bandaid.

Heating & Cooling

Our HVAC experts have years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing different types of HVAC systems. We also help our customers choose the right type and size of HVAC for their specific home so that their unit isn’t over or undersized

If you are shifting to a new home, our team can inspect the HVAC system to make sure it is adequate. The purpose of an HVAC inspection is to help determine the repairs that need to be carried out to improve the unit’s efficiency.

Just-in Time Plumbing & Heating is proud to be a locally owned and operated home services company serving Petaluma and Sonoma County at-large. To talk to an expert plumber or a cooling and heating expert, call our office at (707) 571-1336.