Just-in Time Plumbing & Heating consists of plumbing and HVAC specialists who have years of experience tackling complex problems. Our pros have a cost-effective and sustainable solution to every plumbing and HVAC problem. We are fully licensed and qualified to perform all minor and major plumbing and HVAC repairs.

As a local Sonoma County business, we understand the importance of community. This is why we’ve been family owned and operated since our business was started. We’re proud to provide world-class plumbing and HVAC services to Sonoma County homeowners.


Whether you want to install plumbing in a new home, maintain existing plumbing, or are planning a remodel, we can help. Our professionals have years of experience managing plumbing projects from start to finish. We do things right the first time because we understand that your time, comfort, and peace of mind is important.

Our plumbing checklists help ensure that nothing ever goes overlooked during a project and that activities are completed in an orderly fashion. They bring order to our projects, allowing us to deliver them on time and on budget.

Drain cleaning is one of the worst but essential household chores. Why get your hands dirty when help is just a phone call away at (707) 571-1336? We offer sewer and drain cleaning services too! Our pros use time-tested techniques and advanced tools to dissolve clogs without damaging plumbing.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Is your HVAC system not working properly? Are days too hot or nights too cold? We have got you covered!

Our HVAC technicians have spent years studying different types of heating and cooling systems to ensure that we have expertise with all types of systems. Our team is adept at performing different tests to gain a deeper understanding of HVAC problems by locating the source of the problem, not just treating a symptom.

Our Pros are trained to perform comprehensive HVAC maintenance and can help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system.

If you’re looking for system repairs or a total replacement, we can do that too! Here at Just-in Time Plumbing & Heating we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop with old-fashioned service and some of the best technicians around.

To schedule a professional plumbing or HVAC unit inspection, call our office at (707) 571-1336.