Reasons to Replace Your AC This Spring

When mercury soars, your AC plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable home. Like all other machines, ACs can develop problems over time. When their ACs start acting up, many homeowners wonder if they should repair or replace them.

Your home’s AC was not built to last a lifetime. The useful life of an AC is usually 15-20 years. If your AC is on its last legs, it may be time to call an air conditioning specialist in Santa Rosa to repair or replace your home’s cooling unit this spring.

Make sure that your home’s AC is in working order before the summer arrives. Here’s why.

Enhanced Efficiency

ACs lose efficiency as their components become worn and clogged with dirt, dust and debris over time. When an AC loses efficiency, it is unable to cool evenly and works harder and longer than usual. It can overheat and stop working.

Though a new AC would cost you more upfront, its benefits outweigh its cost. A new AC will serve you reliably for several summers. ACs manufactured these days come equipped with a range of useful features that help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

A new AC cools efficiently and uniformly. You won’t have hot and cold spots in your home and can cut your cooling costs.


Age-related deterioration can affect an AC’s reliability. An old AC can develop problems frequently. It can break down any time of the day, and even at night, without any warning. When summer heat becomes unbearable, the last thing you need is a bad AC.

A new AC needs fewer repairs than an old AC. It is less likely to break down unexpectedly leaving you high and dry and will take care of your household’s cooling needs. With a new AC, you will be able to avoid worst-case scenarios such as returning home from work on a hot and humid day to find out that your AC is not working or getting up in the middle of the night to find out that your AC is not cooling properly or not cooling at all.


Because a new AC is more efficient than an old system, it consumes less electricity. A new, high-efficiency AC can save you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs annually.

A new AC cools efficiently and effectively, eliminating the need to run your fan for cooling. A new system can withstand wear and tear and does not need frequent repairs, saving you money on AC repairs.

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