Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Rosa

Summer is finally here. As you prepare yourself and your house for summer, don’t forget your AC unit! Your AC will need to be ready to work round the clock to keep you and your family cool from heat. It needs your help to perform optimally.

When the temperature continues to rise, your air conditioner will go into overdrive. You need to make sure it is in great shape before the sweltering heat arrives. Whether it’s for maintenance or repair, you should connect with an air conditioning company in Santa Rosa to schedule an appointment.

With this thought in mind, we have compiled a list of some tips to help you prepare your air conditioning unit for summer.

Replace Your AC Filters

The filters of an AC trap contaminants such as pollen, dander, dirt, and dust. Over time, filters can become clogged. A dirty or clogged filter can do more harm than good as it will force the system to work harder and longer. Not only will your energy bill skyrocket, but your system will also be at risk of overheating and breaking down.

To help prevent these issues, change your filters every 60 to 90 days. If you have pets, kids, or older adults at home, consider changing your filters more frequently.

Even new AC filters can fail, causing your AC to shut off. You don’t want to be without air conditioning in summer. Even if you have changed your AC filters recently, check them before the temperature gets hotter.

Clean Your Compressor and Coils

Maintaining your AC compressor is as important as caring for the indoor unit. Keep the area around your outdoor unit clean by trimming the vegetation around your compressor. Clean the condenser coil regularly and do not let leaves, twigs, dust, or dirt accumulate inside the unit. Connect with an air conditioning company in Santa Rosa with help with repairing or replacing bent fins.

Schedule Maintenance

Have a technician inspect and maintain your system even if you do not notice any signs of trouble brewing. Some AC problems hide in plain sight, but most licensed technicians are trained to have an eye for these otherwise hidden issues.

During a tune-up session, your technician will lubricate the moving parts to reduce friction between them. They will test electrical connections, check your AC’s coolant levels, and repair or replace faulty parts.

Check Ductwork

Over time, ductwork can develop leaks. Inspect your ductwork for holes and other sources of damage. Hire a professional air conditioning company to make sure every seal is intact and to schedule regular cleaning. Clean ductwork is healthy ductwork. Anything else poses to put your family at risk.

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